The Problem

Every day your team has obstacles in their path on the way to peak performance. If a leader doesn’t proactively find ways to eliminate these obstacles the entire team’s performance will suffer.

The Solution

This training is an energizing and experiential exercise that will give you the ability to eliminate obstacles and make everyone on your team more effective and more successful. When obstacles are removed, team members can focus on what really maters and their work becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling!

Become An Expert

The Increase Your Team’s Effectiveness Training will make you an expert in 2 critical areas:

  • How To Prune Away Ineffective Systems, Processes, and Strategies
  • How To Make Every Team Member More Effective

You'll learn to

  • Apply the 80/20 Rule to Every Aspect Of Your Business
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Reports, Actions, Meetings, Measurements, Policies, and Procedures
  • Run Effective Meetings
  • Delegate Effectively
  • Use Work-Outs To Eliminate Unnecessary Work
  • Choose The Most Effective Leadership Style For Every Situation

Your Toolkit includes

  • The 6 Leadership Styles
  • The RAMMPP Matrix
  • The 80/20 Process
  • The Work-Out Process
  • The Keys To Effective Meetings
  • The Checklist For Outstanding Delegation

The training doesn’t have to end after the initial delivery.

With every Leading Winning Teams training, you have several add-on options to increase the impact of the training. These options include:

  • Access to Leading Winning Team’s Video On Demand Library
  • Follow-Up Group Coaching Sessions
  • Follow-Up Individual Coaching Sessions

Leading Winning Teams Also Offers a Special 3-Day Strategic Plan Workshop. This Powerful Workshop Will Guide Your Team To Create A Powerful Strategic Plan For A Fraction Of What A Large Consulting Company Would Charge You! Click Here For More Information