The Problem

It’s a fact that the most talented teams don’t always win. Teams have to be molded in a way that teammates bring out the best in each other. Most leaders are not familiar with how to move teams from the stage they are in now into a high performing team.

The Solution

This training is an energizing and experiential exercise that will give you the ability to determine the stage your team is in and rapidly move them to their highest level of performance. In addition you will learn how to instill Trust, Open Communication, Accountability, Commitment and a Focus On Results into your team. These habits combined with top talent insure your team will consistently find a way to win.

Become An Expert

The Mold A Winning Team Training will make you an expert in 2 critical areas:

  • How To Take Your Talent And Mold Them Into a World Class Team
  • How To Instill the Habits That Will Ensure Your Team Enjoys Long Term Success

You'll learn to

  • Rapidly Mold Your Team Into A High-Performance Team
  • Build a Team That Trusts Each Other
  • Build a Team That Thrives On Open Communication
  • Increase Levels Of Commitment & Accountability
  • Create a Powerful Focus On Results

Your Toolkit includes

  • The 4 Stages Of Team Building
  • The Innerview Trust Building Exercise
  • The Team Effectiveness Exercise
  • The Open Communication Model
  • The Miner Of Open Communication
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Clarifying Commitments
  • Cascading Messaging
  • Low-Risk Exposure Therapy
  • Public Goals And Standards
  • Regular Progress Reviews
  • Quarterly Coaching Sessions
  • Team and Individual Scorecards
  • Results Based Awards

The training doesn’t have to end after the initial delivery.

With every Leading Winning Teams training, you have several add-on options to increase the impact of the training. These options include:

  • Access to Leading Winning Team’s Video On Demand Library
  • Follow-Up Group Coaching Sessions
  • Follow-Up Individual Coaching Sessions

Leading Winning Teams Also Offers a Special 3-Day Strategic Plan Workshop. This Powerful Workshop Will Guide Your Team To Create A Powerful Strategic Plan For A Fraction Of What A Large Consulting Company Would Charge You! Click Here For More Information