The Problem

It doesn’t matter how great a leader you are, you can’t win consistently without having the right talent. In our research we have found that approximately 24% of team members either don’t produce the results you are paying for or they don’t fit within the culture you have built. Sub-optimal team members can end up costing you and your organization 15x their salary and do irreparable harm to your culture!

The Solution

This training is an energizing and experiential exercise that will insure that your team is filled with high performers who also fit perfectly into your culture. When you surround yourself with the right talent, not only is your job more enjoyable, it’s much easier to produce breakthrough results.

Become An Expert

The Surround Yourself With Winners Training will make you an expert in 3 critical areas:

  • How To Ensure That You Have The Talent On Your Team That Will Enable You To Win
  • How To Be a Super Coach Who’s Team Members Excel In Their Performance and Their Alignment With Your Culture
  • How To Make Effective Redeployment Decisions

You'll learn to

  • Set Team Members Up For Success With Powerful Performance Plans
  • Make Your Culture Come Alive And Increase Team Performance Every Day
  • Evaluate Team Member Using Both Results Performance and Cultural Performance
  • Make Sure That The Right People Are In The Right Roles
  • Provide Powerful Individualized Coaching That Increases Both Results Performance and Cultural Performance
  • Build a Virtual Bench That Ensures Continued Team Strength
  • Redeploy Chronic Under-performers And/Or People Who Don’t Fit Culture With Integrity

Your Toolkit includes

  • The Performance Plan Blueprint
  • The Leading Winning Teams Talent Analyzer
  • The Quarterly Talent/Culture Coaching Session
  • How To Conduct Crucial Conversations
  • Strategies For Engaging and Retaining Your “A” Players
  • The Super Coach Redeployment Strategy
  • Your Virtual Bench

The training doesn’t have to end after the initial delivery.

With every Leading Winning Teams training, you have several add-on options to increase the impact of the training. These options include:

  • Access to Leading Winning Team’s Video On Demand Library
  • Follow-Up Group Coaching Sessions
  • Follow-Up Individual Coaching Sessions

Leading Winning Teams Also Offers a Special 3-Day Strategic Plan Workshop. This Powerful Workshop Will Guide Your Team To Create A Powerful Strategic Plan For A Fraction Of What A Large Consulting Company Would Charge You! Click Here For More Information